America’s Best Bakery Contest from bake Magazine

bake Magazine

bake magazine recently held a contest to find America’s best bakery. The contest included six bakery finalists who were chosen by the bake editorial team.

Each bakery owner created a short video where they talked about what they felt made their bakery the best in America. For example, Dan Busken, from Busken Bakery, felt the transparency in management was something of value to share with voters. Rather than discuss what products the bakery offers, Busken shared how he keeps his employees informed by holding an annual company meeting. In another video, Dennis Meyer, from Das Meyer Fine Pastry Chalet, used his video to show how his bakery creates their macaroon sushi pastry. Meyer’s video was very different from Busken’s because it had more of a “baking show” feel.

This contest was a great tool to support the “best” bakeries across the country and provide them the chance to showcase what truly makes them the best. Even though the main goal for bake magazine was to find America’s best bakery, they also acknowledged the readers who voted by enrolling them into a drawing for a free iPad 2. The polls closed March 31, and the winner of the America’s Best Bakery Contest will be announced in the magazine’s May issue.