Our Team’s Take on 2022’s Super Bowl Commercials

There are three reasons why millions of Americans tune in to watch the Super Bowl every year:  

  1. The game itself
  2. The halftime show
  3. The commercials

As an advertising agency, you can imagine what we get most excited about. 

After the game, we asked our team to jot down their overall thoughts on the 2022 Super Bowl commercial spots this year, and which ones were memorable to them and why. 

The overall feeling of our team was that commercials returned to being more lighthearted and embraced humor and less emotional, pulling at your heartstrings like the past few years.  

We also noticed the prevalent theme of looking ahead and embracing the future with ads promoting electric cars, cryptocurrency and the Metaverse. These companies made a major play to get in front of consumers during one of the most beloved American traditions. This forced attention to the reality that times are changing, and companies have a firm grasp on the future. 

Let’s look at which Super Bowl LVI commercials stood out the most to our team. 

Best Concepts: 
  • Greenlight – Ty Burrell says “I’ll Take It” to everything he wants until he’s broke, showing children and young adults the consequences of poor decisions and highlights the importance of financial education. 
  • Google’s Pixel 6 with Real Tone – An actual product and commercial that made many on our team say, “Yes! We need that!” 
  • Cutwater Spirits – “Here’s to the Lazy Ones,” a welcome change from the usual “work hard, play hard” variety of beer commercials. 
  • Amazon Alexa – Featuring Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost, and what happens when Alexa knows a bit too much about us. 
  • Uber’s “Don’t Eats” – Featuring several celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Coolidge, Trevor Noah and Nicholas Braun trying to eat household items just because they were dropped off by Uber Eats (Trevor Noah biting into a lightbulb 😂). 
  • Superior Bowl – Peyton Manning and several top athletes gather for a night of bowling—Big Lebowski style—only to be taken aback as Serena Williams joins them. 
  • Rocket Homes – Featuring Anna Kendrick, showing how competitive the housing market is even with properties like Barbie’s Dream House. 
  • FTX – “Don’t Be Like Larry” Showing Larry David, through the ages, and his bad opinions about some of the world’s greatest inventions. 
Best Nostalgia: 
  • Chevy’s All-Electric Silverado – Recreated the Sopranos opening credit sequence with stars Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Robert Iler. A nod to the past while looking to the future. 
  • NFL – showed many former NFL legendary players leaping out of the TV screen from a video game and wreaking havoc around the house. 
Best Use of a Celebrity: 
  • Verizon – Featuring Jim Carrey as The Cable Guy in a world where cable wiring isn’t necessary anymore.  
Did the Most with the Least: 
  • Coinbase – A screen-saver QR code bounces around on screen for a minute, which generated so much traffic that it crashed the app. Talk about measurability. 
Most Confusing: 
  • Salesforce – With Matthew McConaughey; if you had no idea what Salesforce is and does, this commercial sure didn’t clear up anything. 

What were some of your favorite commercials from the Super Bowl and what did you learn from them? Let us know below!