B2B Marketing Tips for Engaging With Gen Z

Gen Z is making a huge impact on the B2B marketing space. Now, let’s consider how those behaviors influence how this generation of incoming workers handles business and makes purchase decisions in the B2B food ingredient industry.

Engaging Gen Z

  1. Personalize your marketing – Just as Gen Z sees food as a form of self-expression, they also demand personalization in the way companies reach out to them. Win them over with content that’s tailored specifically to their needs.
  2. Stand for something – Gen Z is driven by their values. Their decisions align with the way they feel about the world around them. Promoting your company’s efforts toward social change can help build a connection with this generation.
  3. Keep it short and sweet – The attention span of this time-strapped generation is fleeting. They expect immediate results and information. Shorter, more direct content works best.
  4. Interact on social media – Find which social media networks your Gen Z customers are using and which ones it makes sense for your company to leverage in order to get more visibility and make connections.
  5. Incorporate videos – Visual content, like videos, communicates more quickly than written content. Videos also have a lot of legs and can be posted on multiple platforms, including your website and social channels, ensuring you get a lot of bang for your buck.
  6. Use automation ­– Gen Zers prefer to use online services from companies they trust. Automated ordering may be worth considering for your business if it allows you to fulfill requests more quickly and easily to a generation that considers things like two-day shipping a standard practice.
  7. Ensure seamless integration of all media – Speaking Gen Z’s language requires customizing your content for each platform instead of repurposing content. This will establish credibility, trust and curiosity about your business.

For more information on developing an effective B2B marketing strategy for reaching your target audience, which includes this next generation of customers, please contact us. You can also download our report, B2B Food Ingredient Marketing Tips for Engaging With Gen Zers, to learn more about these up-and-coming customers.