Baking Buyer Email Blast Stars California Raisins


We recently received the latest email blast from, which focuses on Discovering America’s Bakeries. Sponsored by the California Raisin Marketing Board, Baking Buyer provides a weekly look at bakers across the U.S., highlighting their success stories and business insights.

This latest email features a visit to the historic Graeter’s Bakery in Cincinnati, and includes a video, discussing their need for consistent branding and the processes they took to revitalize the marketing centered around their bakery.

The remainder of the email blast showcases baking news, specifically including a three-part video series informing viewers on a new product from the California Raisin Marketing Board. These product demonstrations, filmed with a chef, show all of the necessary steps for making breakfast bread.

This email is another unique way to reach customers and also provide a direct path back to your company’s website. It also provides a very interactive experience for the reader, via the high-quality and informative selection of videos.