When it comes to giving its customers the information they want, Bernardi Frozen Italian Specialties is right on point. In addition to Bernardi product information, customers have access to recipe ideas, cooking instructions and a chef blog. The Web site also contains food service news, mabernardi_logo_200x100rketing tools to help customers sell and even a “Cook Up Higher Profits” section of the site where customers can access a profit calculator and operator solutions, to better increase profit margins. All of these elements are actually navigation key links that can be accessed through a unique, animated picture collage on the homepage. This is worth noting, as we haven’t seen any other FI companies utilizing this valuable space in that way. But, while the homepage adds movement and interactivity, we aren’t completely convinced it’s necessary. All in all, though, bernardifoods.com is a well-thought-out site that speaks directly to its customers and gives them the information they want and need.