Best Practice: Bioenergy Ribose Landing Page Features Ingredient Applications

In a recent blog post, we shared an example of an industry best practice in food ingredient marketing—branded sample packaging. Another industry best practice we see helping food ingredient companies reach their customers enterprise-wide is featuring ingredient applications.

Bioenergy Ribose - Sweet Innovation Landing PageBioenergy Life Science (Bioenergy) launched a landing page called The Sweet Taste of Innovation for its ingredient, Bioenergy Ribose—a bioactive ingredient that energizes functional foods and beverages. Like most ingredients in the industry, Bioenergy Ribose on its own is a white powder. Rather than show its white powder ingredient to customers, Bioenergy features an array of food applications in confectionary, beverage and bakery that incorporate Bioenergy Ribose on its landing page—presenting customers the value the ingredient can bring to their products. In addition to visually showing the applications, the landing page engages customers as they navigate around the landing page—by simply moving their cursor over a particular application, a pop-up appears providing customers with additional information on the enhanced health benefits Bioenergy Ribose provides.

As customers scroll through the landing page, they can see additional applications and also learn about the advantages of incorporating Bioenergy Ribose and the science behind the ingredient. The landing page also engages customers through a “request a sample” form and gives them the opportunity to interact with the experts at Bioenergy Life Science through links to their social media platforms.

By incorporating the industry’s best practice of featuring ingredient applications, Bioenergy Life Science is able to visually present the value Bioenergy Ribose can bring as an ingredient to its customers’ products.