Best Practice: Chiquita Fruit Solutions’ Branded Sample Packaging

To make a lasting impression among the customers and prospects who receive samples, it’s an industry best practice to brand your product sample packaging. Chiquita Fruit Solutions made an impact with its branded sample packaging that simply stated “Open Your Imagination.”

Chiquita Sample PackaingChiquita Fruit Solutions created a unique sample package for its Fruit Crumbles—a 100 percent natural, air-crisped fruit ingredient product with a wide range of surprising food applications. To capture the attention of Chiquita Fruit Solutions’ customers and to stretch their imaginations, the sample packaging and its contents were designed to help expand the possibilities for customer applications.

Since the shipping box was the first piece of marketing collateral seen by customers, Chiquita Fruit Solutions followed industry best practices and made sure its company name and messaging was visible by labeling all four sides of the box with the Chiquita Fruit Solutions logo, a headline stating, “All Natural Fruit Crumbles,” and an application image with the text “Open Your Imagination.”

Contained in the box were well-labeled Banana Crumbles and Fruit Chips, Tropical Mix Crumbles and Fruit Chips, and Pineapple Rings. The sample package also included a brochure that provided customers with a list of product features, nutritional information and contact information to learn more about Chiquita Fruit Crumbles.

By following the industry’s best practices on sample packaging, Chiquita Fruit Solutions was able to reinforce its brand and deliver a targeted message to its customers—and hopefully open some imaginations.