Burke’s Positive Promotions Program Helps Increase Sales

BurkeBolognaBrochuresBurke—a provider of fully cooked meat products for the foodservice and prepared food industries—offers a wide range of resources on its site. While many of these resources are becoming quite common, such as blogs and recipes (although, both are still GREAT additions to any site), Burke also offers customers a tool to create custom promotional pieces to help increase sales. Using Burke’s Positive Promotions, customers can choose between six templates—whichever best suites their establishments—and input menu items, ingredients, sizes and prices. Running a business definitely doesn’t leave a ton of time for your customers to create promotional pieces, so make it easy for them. Your customers will always appreciate you making things more convenient. Not to mention, it encourages them to experiment and offer new menu items, while potentially increasing sales for your company. Above and beyond, Burke. Nicely done.