Bush Brothers unveiled a new online campaign directed toward consumers for Bush’s Baked Beans. It’s an online dating site where your protein of choice can find its side dish soul mate—its sidemate. As an already popular side dish, Bush is taking its baked beans to the next level by incorporating the popular food into dozens of side dishes. Visit the site at: www.grilledandlonely.com.

beansThe site is a consumer guide on ways to spruce up your side dish selection. It’s fun and user-friendly. Simply pair your protein of choice with its sidemate, based upon the desired experience you’re “seeking”—spice, snuggling, adventure, sweet, commitment or a fresh start. You’re then directed to four recipes that incorporate Bush’s Baked Beans and fit your desired characteristic.

For the consumers who don’t have a certain protein in mind, “sizzling speed dating” is a fast way to view some compatible couples. Click on the recipe slot machine and a protein is instantly paired with a side dish. You can click over and over until you find a pair you’re interested in tasting.

The site also reaches out to foodservice professionals by inviting them to enter their own recipes for a chance to win a high-grade grill or $5,000. Each recipe can be graded by consumers, allowing them to cast their votes and get a feel on a recipe’s popularity. Recipe grading follows the style of a typical personal ad, with options ranging from “You complete me” to “I’m sure it has a nice personality.”

Bush’s approach to incorporate its baked beans into innovative, taste-forward side dishes, is a successful tactic allowing Bush to expand on its product category, showing consumers the depth of baked beans as a pairing. The only thing we would recommend is to brand the site with the identifiable Bush’s Best logo. Still, it’s an interesting, fun approach on a recipe site that fully engages the consumer and will most likely lead to an increase in sales for Bush’s Baked Beans.