Can Frito-Lay Soften the Complaints of Its Biodegradable Bags?

SunChips_0If you listen closely, you can almost hear the sounds of Frito-Lay’s new, revamped compostable SunChips bags hitting store shelves soon … or can you? In April of 2009, Frito-Lay introduced a biodegradable packaging concept with its brand of SunChips. And with the big vamp on going green, it was a “natural” move on their part. But after a huge out roar from consumers complaining about the loud and obnoxious noise made by the bags, Frito-Lay took them off of the shelves in an attempt to fix the problem. And now they’ve created what they believe to be the solution. The new bags will feature a rubbery adhesive between the two layers that make up the bag to help reduce the noise. This redesigned, still-biodegradable bag will be hitting shelves in a few months, so keep your ears open and listen for yourself.