Carmi Flavors Uses Channel-specific Email Marketing to Target Customers and Prospects

We are always on the lookout for good content-marketing campaigns. One of the platforms we look to is email. Email marketing is considered a best practice to use for generating sales leads. Since most people, on average, receive over a hundred emails a day, email marketing can have its challenges. But, those challenges can easily be overcome with the right message, creative visuals and relevant links to sources of information for customers and prospects.

Carmi Flavors E-newslettersCarmi Flavors uses targeted email marketing, broken out by channels like Beverage, Bakery, Pizza and Restaurant, to reach its customers and prospects. We recently received an e-newsletter from Carmi Flavors called Beverage Exchange. The e-newsletter focused on the marketplace and industry news topics that would be of interest to its beverage manufacturer customers and prospects. The e-newsletter had a table of contents, with each headline linking to the relevant article or heading within the e-newsletter, allowing readers to easily navigate the content based on their interest. In addition to interactive and engaging content, Carmi Flavors also incorporated a beverage application photo—another best practice in the food ingredient industry.

Aside from distributing the e-newsletter, Carmi Flavors posts a link to the web version of the e-newsletter on its website, along with the other channel-specific e-newsletters it distributes.

By using targeted email marketing campaigns, Carmi Flavors can showcase its knowledge of each channel and provide relevant information to the specific food manufacturers its sales teams are targeting. Many sales forces find it difficult to penetrate R&D, product development and marketing departments on their own. With the use of email marketing, sales teams are provided a detailed tracking report that shows them who has opened and clicked on links within the email—what we would consider a follow-up list of qualified leads.

Carmi Flavors provides us a great example of the best practice of using email marketing to target customers and prospects to generate qualified sales leads. To learn more about this best practice as well as other industry best practices, click here to request a copy of our Best Practice Research Report for food ingredient marketers, or if email marketing is something you’d like more information on and want help incorporating it into your marketing communications, let us know.