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Addressing Fiber’s Color, Texture, Taste

Perhaps the biggest challenge when adding fiber to baked foods and snacks is the need to develop products that meet consumer expectations for taste, texture and visual appeal. Adding cereal grain fiber beyond 10% to 20% can make it difficult to maintain essential properties of baked foods.

Jimmy Dean Makes History-making Expansion

The Hillshire Brands Co. announced 16 new products were added to the Jimmy Dean line of sandwiches and bowls, the largest product launch in the brand’s history.

Olé! Matador Launches Chili Lime Jerky

Matador Beef Jerky, made by Link Snacks Inc., the global meat snacks leader and distributed by Frito-Lay North America Inc.— a business unit of PepsiCo Inc. – has added Chili Lime to its line of products.

Steviva Launches Erythritol Sweetner

Erysweet erythritol, a new non-bioengineered ingredient, is only 0.2 calories per gram and 70% as sweet as sugar, which is 4 calories per gram, according to Portland-based Steviva Ingredients.

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