Co-branding: The Food Industry Goes to the Movies

AMC Smart snackWe continue to see major brands partnering with other major brands as a way to gain extra marketing power. And now some of the food industry’s biggest brands are partnering up with AMC Theaters. Chiquita, Dasani, Odwalla Ba and PopCorners will all be part of the new AMC Smart MovieSnacks bag—a comprehensive snack pack that includes Chiquita Fruit Chips, a 20 oz. Dasani water, an Odwalla Bar Chocolate Chip Trail Mix and PopCorners popped corn chips. The Smart MovieSnacks are an attempt by the leading theater and entertainment company to offer its customers a healthier snacking option while viewing movies. These healthier options are now available at all AMC locations in the U.S., and are being sold for $7 each. Read more about the products included in the Smart MovieSnacks bag, in addition to what each company has to say about this new partnership, here.