Facebook: The New Focus Group

pitapitIt’s no secret that focus groups are an effective approach to determining what your customers want, prefer and expect from your product/brand. They’ve been an important tool for many companies, for many years. But, although they can be effective, they’re not always cost-effective. If you don’t necessarily have the budget for a focus group, an alternative is to utilize your company’s Facebook page. For example, Pita Pit is a nationwide quick-service restaurant that is asking its Facebook fans to “Name That Pita.” The fans are encouraged to come up with names for its new, limited-time Prime Rib and Provolone Pita, and then vote on their favorite submissions. Like a focus group, this approach offers Pita Pit direct feedback from its target demographic, opening up conversation, while also engaging them and generating buzz and brand-loyalty. It’s customer feedback at a low cost; yet again, another fantastic perk to social media. Read more about Pita Pit’s contest here.