Flavor Trends for 2012

SpicesDuring our quest to uncover top flavor trends for 2012, we found a helpful Mintel Report, titled “Innovation on the Menu: Flavor Trends.” Mintel is a research company that provides market intelligence and analysis for the food industry.

This report reminds us that creating satisfying, flavorful dishes remains every chef’s top tactic to encourage repeat customers. Manufacturers and suppliers are also responsible for menu development and spotting the latest in food trends.

According to Mintel’s report, here are some of the top 2012 flavor trends:

  • American, Italian, Mexican and Pan Asian flavors are picking up in popularity.
  • The use of garlic flavoring in foods is on the increase.
  • Spicy and smoked hints of flavor are becoming very appealing towards customers.
  • Comfort foods are one of the top-predicted cuisines this year.

The Mintel report also provides flavor, ingredients and price trends from the menus of the largest 350 chain restaurants, 150 largest independent restaurants, 50 restaurants run by top chefs, and 25 beverage-focused restaurants. Visit www.mintel.com for more information.