Foodservice Health Trends—Part 1 of 3

corner bakeryIt’s no surprise that ringing-in the New Year leads to an overwhelming commitment by society to eat better. For the food industry, this is a prime time to reach your customers. They’re eager, attentive and open to trying new things. 2011 is predicted to be a year focused on delivering flavorful, yet healthful options for consumers. With that in mind, Corner Bakery Cafe has rolled out its new line of “100 Under 600”—a line featuring more than 100 different combinations of signature sandwiches, toasted paninis, hand-tossed salads or homemade soups, all under 600 calories. As first quarter moves on, eating healthy is still fresh in people’s minds, so market to them. As we all know, business is about supply and demand, so give them what they want when they want it. You’re sure to see sales increase because of it.