Hostess Stays Focused on Wonder Bread Brand


In the world of online interactivity, no one seems to do it better than Hostess®. Wonder® Bread is, and has been, a predominant brand of Hostess for years. Entering the Wonder Bread website is like entering an interactive website on steroids. One new feature Wonder Bread has created is the Sandwich Wonder-izer, where consumers can build their ideal sandwiches virtually. They can choose from dozens of toppings—traditional and nontraditional—view the nutritional value and even share it with friends. Now, while this application may sound like viral fluff, Wonder Bread has strategically placed information throughout the application, including the benefits of healthy white bread, benefits of wheat and whole grain, and grain guidelines—all ways the consumer can make his or her selection healthier by incorporating more Wonder Bread products. Pretty smart. With this combination of interactivity, innovation, fun AND product focus … cheap pun alert … it’s no wonder Wonder Bread is a household brand.