Much of the current discussion around sugar, centers on high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) versus pure sugar—the similarities, the differences the benefits. But what about using malt as an alternative for sugar?

Here’s an ad I found in Milling & Baking News, advertising Malt Products Corp., that says a lot by saying very little. Their point? A “real,” more authentic bagel, has malt extract in it.

Further research on using malt, unveils:

  1. Malt can be substituted for or paired with HFCS or sugar and achieve the same taste.
  2. Malt is a healthier sweetener to add, as compared to sugar. Malt is 100% natural, making it a green extract. You essentially take whole grains and turn them into a sweetener.
  3. Using malt in whole grain applications mellows bitter taste.

There are definite obstacles to overcome, however, when utilizing malt. The biggest obstacle being price. Malt is a considerably more expensive sweetener alternative.

What do you think? Can the benefits outweigh the costs? Weigh in on the malt, sugar, HFCS debate.