Meet the Newest Generation of B2B Customers: Gen Z

Generation Z, which roughly includes individuals born between 1995 to 2010, is quickly becoming one of the most powerful groups our economy and food industry has ever seen. As this generation of future CEOs and decision makers leaves college and enters the workforce, it’s becoming increasingly important for companies to understand the unique needs and characteristics associated with these up-and-coming B2B customers.

As a Gen Zer, myself, I have firsthand experience with this generation and what makes us tick. Our unique interests and values make us unlike any group before us, and if you want to engage with us successfully, it’s important to take note. Below, I dive into the top five traits associated with Generation Z.

Five Traits of Gen Zers

  1. Crave personalization – Gen Zers want experiences that are tailored to our personal likes and dislikes. We value individual expression, avoid labels and hate being put into target audience groups, which challenges mass market approaches by pushing companies to personalize products and services.
  2. Connect to social and digital channels – Gen Zers grew up using the internet, social media and mobile devices. This means we know how to quickly access online information to make informed purchasing decisions. Despite our tech savviness, studies show that 53% of Gen Z customers and employees prefer in-person discussions over instant messaging or email.
  3. Multitask like mad – In addition to being called the “iGeneration,” Gen Z is also known as the “Eight Second Generation.” We’re growing up in a world where our options are limitless, but we know our time is not, so we focus on quickly sorting through information to get what we need.
  4. Act pragmatically – While millennials were raised during an economic boom, we grew up during a recession. As a result, experts often say that we’re more sensible than our arguably more idealistic, millennial counterparts.
  5. Think sustainably – Individuals in the iGeneration are environmentally conscious. We value eco-friendly and healthy lifestyles much more than other generations, and we look to partner with mission-driven organizations who share our values.

Gen Zers are inclusive, compassionate and purpose-driven, and the way we feel about our values often affects how we communicate in business settings. By considering our unique characteristics and traits, you’ll be one step closer to successfully engaging with us through B2B marketing.

For more information on developing an effective B2B marketing strategy for reaching your target audience, which includes this next generation of customers, please contact us. You can also download our report, B2B Food Ingredient Marketing Tips for Engaging With Gen Zers, to learn strategies to successfully engage with these up-and-coming customers.