New Clean Label Campaign From IFC

Isn’t it nice when you are flipping through a familiar publication and a refreshing ad catches your eye? This print ad from International Fiber Corporation (IFC) uses a soft and airy color scheme to draw you in. And then, in a single headline, it introduces a common nutritional problem manufacturers face, and offers the solution.


The ad focuses on a basic visual of nutritional labels for an array of applications and easily demonstrates how calories are reduced when insoluble fiber is added. It’s interesting to note that the ad neglects to callout the two ingredient brand names that IFC offers. Whether intentional or not, this approach becomes less of a sales pitch and more of an acknowledgement of a nation-wide consumer and governmental trend toward decreasing our caloric intake.

This creative is seamlessly carried into a landing page found at The site does a great job of setting up the issue and addressing the problem with the benefits of insoluble fiber. The ingredient names are found on this site, although they aren’t described in detail. To learn more about them, you have to click to the main IFC website and conduct your own search.

All in all, IFC made it very easy for its audience to understand the unique value of insoluble fiber and how it can clean up nutritional labels.