nnw-logoThe world of blogging is not just for opinionated society members with something to say and no outlet with which to say it. It’s something that numerous companies utilize in order to not only promote sales and new products, but to connect with customers on a more personal level, creating greater customer loyalty. (You’re reading ours right now, and surely loving it, so you can understand how it works.) Nick-N-Willy’s is a nationwide chain of pizza establishments, and just one of the many companies making the most of blogs. Its Slice of Life at Nick-N-Willy’s blog has become a huge hit with its customers. Since November 2009, the pizza joint has written posts about its community involvement, grand openings, franchise opportunities and much more, including posting numerous appetizing pictures of its products. So a suggestion: don’t discard blog postings—they can be very powerful. It may take awhile to build a fan base, but, if you keep putting out the content, you’ll see the numbers increase over time.