EmailSigThink about your daily interactions with your customers and coworkers. Are there any marketing opportunities being overlooked? Every point of communication is an opportunity to present your company’s brand and position. Two areas that are often neglected or that could be enhanced are phone answering/voice-mail recordings and e-mail signatures.

I’m shocked by the amount of times I call a company or individual and the person answers the phone with “Hello?” Or when I get a voice-mail box that says something like “You’ve reached James, leave a message.” These kinds of messages are better saved for personal use. When I place a call, I want to know the person I’ve reached and the company they work for. I also want a sense of how they are to do business with. In the above examples, I’m left with no emotional response to that company or individual. One of my clients would end her voice-mail recording with “Make it a great day.” While seemingly a simple message, it made me perk up every time I heard it, and subsequently, the message I left her had more energy and excitement.

E-mail signatures have definitely grown in popularity. Traditionally, the signature is an opportunity to provide your basic contact information—name, title, company, address, phone number and Web address. But consider dressing this up a bit. Of course, be mindful of how much content you do provide because it is easy to go overboard.

Here are some ideas:
– Utilize a designed graphic signature vs. an all-text signature
– Insert your company logo
– Insert your positioning statement
– Provide links to your LinkedIn account or other social networks
– Promote your newest line of ingredients
– Promote an upcoming trade show you’ll be attending