PFChangsP.F. Chang’s China Bistro is a popular dining establishment that has recently boarded the ever-growing, now-in-your-grocery-store-freezer train. Having just unveiled its new line of frozen entrees, P.F. Chang’s has designed a new website——dedicated to the new products. Although product specific websites are not as uncommon for new product lines, it’s the clean, simple approach of the site that makes it so appealing. First, the customer can view a fashion show lineup of the product packages—a smart move, by the way, as this makes the product more visible to customers when they search for it in the frozen food aisle. They can then click on one of the food products to visit a page where you can view nutritional information and preparation directions. That’s it. Simple as that. It quickly and easily answers a customer’s three basic questions:

1) What flavors are available?
2) What is the nutritional value?
3) What do I have to do to prepare it?

P.F. Chang’s has done a great job at making both its site and its frozen meals as easy as 1, 2, 3.