Pastariso_Cheese_LineupI evaluate all kinds of gluten-free foods, and recently discovered a superior product: Pastariso and Pastato Gluten-Free Macaroni and Cheese Boxed Dinners from Maplegrove Foods. I’ve tried dozens of gluten-free pastas, most of which release so much starch in cooking they become a gluey mess. You can rinse the cooked pasta with hot water, but that only restarts the cooking process, releasing even more starch. This maker uses premium-quality organic potato and rice flours, resulting in cooked pasta that isn’t sticky and can actually be cooked to an al dente stage– a rare thing in my experience testing gluten-free pasta. The Pastato pasta, made with potato flour, had a particularly nice taste and texture. The boxed dinners come in several pasta shapes, including elbows and shells. Both their regular cheddar and white cheddar sauce mixes have excellent flavor.