Personalized Show Guide for IFT Food Expo

If you’ve visited the IFT Food Expo before, then you know just how large and busy it can be—more than 1,000 exhibitors attend the conference. n107135219319992_8356But this doesn’t mean that you have to spend hours searching through a cluttered sea of people, brands, products and services. IFT has created an online reference tool called networkNow! where you can search for specific products, services, sessions, attendees and exhibitors. You can view exhibitors’ booth locations and communicate directly with them via e-mail. NetworkNow! even offers a feature allowing you to save and reference all of the meetings you’ve scheduled with attendees and exhibitors, as well as sessions and events. The problem is, you save that information under multiple agendas—My Appointment Calendar, My Appointment List, My Itinerary, My Planner, My Meetings, My Sessions … sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? While “networkNow!” offers you the convenience of planning your attack on the expo floor beforehand, there’s a lot of information, and all of these agendas seem to add more confusion. But you be the judge. Let us know if you use this tool and how it worked for you.