Philadelphia Macaroni Company Featured on Food Network Show

PhiliMacaroniCo_FoodNetworkPhiladelphia Macaroni Company—a manufacturer of … you guessed it … pasta and noodles, engineered to customers’ exact specifications—was recently highlighted on the popular Food Network Channel show, Unwrapped. Now, while third-party publicity is a great form of advertising in and of itself, Dean Lustig, Philadelphia Macaroni’s vice president and general manager, took the publicity one step further. He shared the news of the upcoming show with customers and clients on LinkedIn—prompting them to watch the episode—sent out an update to the company’s newsletter database, and is going to show the video at upcoming trade shows. Take it from Dean, that when you get your 15 minutes of fame, you should milk it for all it’s worth … especially if that fame comes in the form of 15 minutes on a cable television network. We don’t all get this opportunity, but if it comes around, follow Dean’s lead and share the experience with your existing and future customers. It’s all about credibility and worth the extra effort.