PrintAliveWell91_HalfFood Business News (FBN) recently launched a half-page and full-page ad campaign asserting that “Print is Alive and Well.” According to a recent research study conducted by Baxter Research, FBN readers say they read at least three of the last four issues of FBN. Marketers have recently questioned the value of a print ad spend vs. an online marketing campaign. Many have assumed that most readers are now online and not reading printed editions, due to the advances in the publication’s ability to provide complete content online, and the amount of time that the average consumer now spends online.

This research advocates that, at least for FBN readers, print is still a great avenue to reach your customers. So when considering print and online:

  • Ask the publication about its readership in both places.
  • Gain an understanding of the value of each, and how the publication measures effectiveness.
  • Know where, and in what sections, your competitors are advertising.
  • Consider your budget. Print advertising can be more costly than online.