FlavorBoredomWith the high demand from consumers for new, interesting flavors and food products, Qdoba Mexican Grill has taken a unique approach to showing off its range of options—Food Lovers Fighting Burrito Boredom (FLFBB). Qdoba has created a separate, interactive site for FLFBB where you can take the self-diagnosis quiz to see if you, too, suffer from burrito boredom. If you do, you can take the Two-Step Plan of Attack (A.K.A. “the cure”) to create a virtual entrée, including a wide range of meats, salsas and sauces. As you create your entrée, it is being rated on the “Boredom Beater Meter.” If you succeed in creating an entrée that beats burrito boredom, you receive a printable coupon for your entrée to use at a participating Qdoba. The FLFBB even has a support group where fellow sufferers can upload videos, offering them the chance to receive free burritos for a year. This mini-site approach has become more and more popular over the years and continues to be a successful tool for reaching and engaging the customer.