QR Codes Put Information in the Hands of Your Customers—Literally

What if you could get information into the hands of your customers quicker? QR codes are short for quick response codes. When you scan one of these codes with your cell phone, it can do a number of things. It can provide you a contact’s information for download, take you to a web address or social media page, or download a PDF to your phone. Smartphones are becoming increasingly popular; therefore, mobile marketing tactics should be considered in your overall mix.

Consider these ideas and know that the possibilities are endless:

  • If you are hosting a customer event, use QR codes to create personalized name tags for each person. Place the code in an e-blast invitation to the event. The e-blast instructs attendees to register online. Then they immediately receive a personalized name tag with a QR code, which they can print out and bring to the event. Instead of exchanging business cards, every one can just scan one another’s name tags and capture the information that way.
  • Place the code on any promotional collateral piece and have people scan it to enter themselves into a contest or sweepstakes.
  • Place a code in a quarterly newsletter and link it back to a customer survey.
  • Place a code in a print ad and drive customers to your website or a unique landing page.
  • Place a code on a product sample. It could link to a recipe, ingredient and/or nutritional information.

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