How to Re-Engage with Your B2B Customers

The past several years has thrown challenges at the typical B2B sales cycles, and sales teams were forced to adapt in the wake of not being able to conduct face-to-face business. How can sales teams make up for delayed sales and re-engage with leads that may have dropped off the radar? Here are three ways to re-engage with your B2B customers.

Meet buyers where they are

The new generation of buyers prefers self-guided exploration over in-person interactions for initial research, which underlines the importance of having quality content easily accessible on your website.

B2B buyers spend 90% of the decision journey educating themselves.


More than 90% of B2B buyers considered easy to access content and an extensive menu of thought leadership content as being important in the early research process.

THE TAKEAWAY: B2B buyers are increasingly guiding themselves along the sales journey. What they discover online about your company’s solutions plays a huge part in their early research – they may be close to a decision before ever reaching out to a rep. Give them the information they are craving to effectively move them through their buyers journey.

Harness the power of personalization

Personalization has been shown to be VERY effective in driving conversions, and a new generation of B2B buyers expects content and messaging catered to their unique challenges. Email platforms are one of the most widely used methods to automate personalized content, but personalization goes beyond the name field in a subject line. Tailor your message/content and segment lists to deliver the best message to prospects.

77% of email marketing ROI comes from segmented, targeted and triggered email campaigns.

—Direct Marketing Association

Landing pages are another great way to personalize content and drive sales. Setting up multiple pages and tailoring the content on each page takes more effort, but it also significantly speeds up your buyer’s research (and hopefully their conversion). AND more landing pages indexed in search means more chances for prospects to come across your content.

THE TAKEAWAY: Segment your customers and personalize content whenever possible to guide your prospects more quickly along the buyer’s journey.

Reconnect by discussing their new pain points

Now is a great time to reconnect with prospects to learn how their business has changed in the past several years, what their new pain points are and how your company may be positioned to help them.

Perhaps supply vulnerability has been an issue for a prospect recently and your company has resources to ensure a more consistent supply than your competitor. Maybe shifting consumer attitudes has taken your prospect’s product development in a new direction. CPG manufacturers have endured a LOT of changes in just a year, and 82% of buyers said purchase decisions now progress based on changing business needs and priorities.

THE TAKEAWAY: Use new learnings to adjust your buyer personas and buyers’ journeys. Discover the ways your company can take advantage of new customer challenges that may give you an edge over the competition.

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