Starbucks Fans Make Ideas Into a Reality

MyStarbucksIdeaFor years, Starbucks has been known for its trend-setting moves in social-media marketing, and that remains to be true. As reported in an October article on, Starbucks has incorporated a “Give a Gift” update to its Starbucks Card Facebook App—an application that Facebook members can use to access and manage their Starbucks accounts. This new app allows Facebook members to load $5-$500 directly onto a friend or family member’s registered Starbucks card, without ever having to leave Facebook. BUT … and this is a good but … an interesting fact about this new feature is that it was actually the 100th idea Starbucks has launched from its community site, My Starbucks Idea—a site Starbucks created to encourage its fans to suggest the next big idea. With 250,000 members and 98,000 ideas generated, Starbucks has definitely created a resource that produces some pretty amazing things. What Starbucks understands about social media is it’s a successful tool, only if you continue to build off of it. Social media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so we suggest taking Starbucks’ lead. Don’t just incorporate social media; push it to the limit so you can get the most out of it.