Vice President of Marketing, Mike Veal, and his team at ConAgra Mills have done a good job connecting the benefits of its white whole wheat flour to a new line of pasta products for foodservice—where the idea of stealth marketing appeals to operators trying to keep up with the array of health-and-wellness regulations they face.

Expect to see more food ingredient companies target their marketing on providing their customers in foodservice and manufacturing with products and solutions focused on helping them implement stealth marketing reformulations. Sodium reduction regulation will continue to drive customers to seek lower sodium levels, as reported by BNET in its article “Stealth and Other Salt Reduction Strategies.” Sugars and sweeteners will receive increasing attention as well. Beverage companies are already leading the way. PepsiCo’s announcement of a 25% reduction in sugar and calories was reported byBNET as “Pepsi’s Latest Weapon in the Fight Against Calories: Stealth Sweeteners.

It would appear that a leading trend in marketing strategy for food companies is one that they don’t want to tell their consumers about.