Sample Packaging

Chiquita Fruit Solutions: Open Your Imagination

Chiquita Fruit Solutions offered product developers the opportunity to “Open Your Imagination” with a recent sampling program on their new Fruit Crumbles—a 100 percent natural, air-crisped fruit ingredient product with a wide range of surprising food applications. To capture the attention of Chiquita Fruit Solutions’ customers and to stretch their imaginations, the sample packaging and […]

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How to Qualify a Sample Request

As a food ingredient company, one of the issues you will most certainly run into with a sampling program is qualifying those who place online orders. It’s not financially beneficial for you to send samples to companies or organizations that aren’t going to produce relevant business for you. So how do you qualify customers? Kraft

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Bush is Single and Ready to Mingle

Bush Brothers unveiled a new online campaign directed toward consumers for Bush’s Baked Beans. It’s an online dating site where your protein of choice can find its side dish soul mate—its sidemate. As an already popular side dish, Bush is taking its baked beans to the next level by incorporating the popular food into dozens

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Product Sample Packaging

Product sample packaging offers an often overlooked opportunity for compelling customer communications. Nearly all food ingredient companies send out product samples to their customers and prospects. The most effective companies are the ones using their product sampling as customer communications programs. Whenever we talk to a new food ingredient company, I will always ask them

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