The “Corn Sugar” Debate

no-high-fructose-corn-syrupThe debate on renaming “high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)” to “corn sugar” has continued to grow. In an attempt to clarify the labeling of food products for consumers, and to deter the belief that HFCS is any worse than actual sugar, the Corn Refiners Association has created some marketing pieces that were handed out during the 2010 International Baking Industry Exposition. There were two one-page handouts—one quick and to the point on why HFCS should be called “corn sugar,” and the other detailing how HFCS is used and how difficult it can be to even reach the daily recommended intake. In addition to the handouts, the Corn Refiners Association put together a press release for either a visitor’s own use, or to give to their local third-party publications. All together, the association’s attempts were well thought out, not only in informing people at the show, but also encouraging, as well as preparing, them to spread the word. Learn more about the fight at