Third-Party Recognition Equals Free Advertising

TysonI’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, the only thing better than advertising is free advertising, and Tyson Food Service knows how to make that happen. Getting your name in the news is a great way to not only promote your company, but to create recognition and credibility. In anOctober article, Tyson was recognized for donating more than 10,000 pounds of chicken to aid in hunger relief, a principle that has long been important to Tyson. Now, not all of us have the resources to give away thousands of dollars worth of product, but you don’t have to start big. Reach out to the community; get involved. But, most importantly, TELL SOMEONE ABOUT IT. If you’re lucky enough to have the time and resources to generate news, take the time to write a press release and distribute that press release to publications that will not only be interested in publishing the story, but that are read by your customers or prospective customers. In fact, if you need help doing so, I may know some people who could help (insert obvious Anderson Partners plug here). Point is, third-party recognition is a great asset to a well-rounded advertising campaign, and could be something that your current campaign is missing.