Food Industry Trade Show Tips for Following Up

Food industry trade shows provide an opportunity for food ingredient companies to reach new prospects, connect with current customers and stay up to date on the latest trends and industry developments. Yet, a lot of work goes into exhibiting at a trade show – and it’s not over the second the trade show floor closes.

After the Food Industry Trade Show

Following up early and often is important to leverage your time and resources. The following steps can help you maintain top-of-mind awareness with trade show attendees after the event.

Follow Up

Follow up with prospects immediately while your brand and conversations are still on your mind. Reaching out to current/potential customers and media contacts in a timely manner can help separate your company from your competition, increasing your chances of finalizing a deal.

Keep Your Brand Top-of-Mind

Most sales aren’t made until the fourth contact or later. While you don’t want to appear desperate, persistence can help set you apart from others in the industry and increase your chances of closing a sale. After the show, consider sending follow-up emails to discuss what you showcased at the show and any other topics that may be of interest to current and potential customers. This can help you stay visible while offering opportunities to request samples, schedule presentations/meetings or contact your staff directly.

Prepare for Your Next Food Industry Trade Show

As soon as you wrap things up, start thinking about your next event and how you can apply what you learned from the last conference to your next food industry trade show. Remember, choosing to exhibit at a food industry trade show requires a lot of time, energy and resources, so it’s important to begin preparing early in order to get a satisfactory return on your investments.

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Trade show marketing is just one of many tactics your company can – and should – incorporate into its integrated marketing communications plan. By preparing in advance and engaging attendees at the show and following up early and often after the event, you can make the most out of your trade show investments. For more information about developing a clear, integrated strategy for trade show marketing, please contact us.