Top Food Service Trends for 2019

Consumer taste buds and culinary trends change constantly, and the food service industry continually evolves to reflect these changes. It’s important for restaurant owners, chefs and other food service professionals to stay current on the latest trends if they wish to compete effectively in the industry.

The Most Anticipated Food Service Trends for 2019

Creative cuisine – Consumers are becoming more adventurous with their eating habits, moving out of their comfort zones to explore bolder flavors and multisensory food experiences. Some are looking for a social experience where they can meet other diners, while others are searching for unique menu items that create immersive experiences. As a result, we anticipate seeing a heightened focus on food service products that offer unique — and sometimes unexpected — sensory experiences.

Personalized nutrition – As consumers become increasingly more selective with their eating habits, many seek individualized eating experiences tailored to their specific health and wellness or dietary needs. According to Fast Casual, meals designed specifically for individual portions will also likely be particularly attractive to consumers with dietary control and calorie counting concerns in 2019. While it can be challenging to offer personalized experiences in busy, crowded and speedy casual dining environments, the effort will go far with consumers.


Plant-based palates – Vegetarian foods are no longer a rarity on restaurant menus. As many consumers implement plant-based eating habits, executive chefs and culinary experts at Benchmark predict the vegetarian factor will continue to get even hotter. According to its Top Ten Dining Trends for 2019 report, menus will soon see large portions of their dishes dedicated to vegetarians and others with plant-based eating habits.

Zero waste – Today’s consumers are increasingly concerned with their environmental impact, leading many food service retailers to switch from traditional disposable products to eco-friendly options. WebstaurantStore predicts this will be among the top food service trends for 2019. Moving forward, consumers will gravitate toward restaurants and convenience stores that find innovative ways to use all parts of the food they serve in order to meet growing demands for sustainable and green living.

Convenience – Restaurants that provide quick and easy sit-down meals or healthy grab-and-go convenience options have been popular for years. In particular, ready-made meals at grocery stores and gas stations are becoming increasingly common as time-pressed consumers look for nutritious meal options that meet their busy lifestyles. On-the-go meal and snacking options made with high-quality or unique ingredients will go especially far in the year ahead, as premiumization continues to evolve to meet modern food trends.

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From how food is prepared to how the ingredients are sourced, there are many ways the foodservice industry can evolve to meet today’s consumer demands. Staying on top of the latest trends will help your company compete effectively in the coming year.

What food service trends do you see on the horizon? Comment below to share your thoughts.