Food ingredient-focused trade publications have started to utilize blogs as well.

This blog from is targeted toward retail bakers and utilizes one baker’s personal life experiences to generate content. The blog provides insights into different bakeries and bakers by highlighting features that set them apart and have made them successful.

There are two key elements that I think could help the functionality of this blog.

1. Add a more complete description to the “About” section.

As a consumer, before I begin to consistently read a blog, I will likely try to find out more about it. In this section, I’d like to know who the contributing writers are and their backgrounds. I’d also like a brief description on the topics covered and the audience the blog is trying to reach.

2. Develop categories by topic, not by date.

If I’m interested in a particular topic, I want to be able to go right to that post versus having to scroll through months of posts. By creating topic categories, you direct the reader to the content that is most interesting to them. It’s important to keep in mind that no one will ever read every word of your post.

This next blog does both of these well. has seven contributing writers. Each writer focuses on a different topic relevant to the industry, such as food safety, product development and regulatory developments. The main page of this blog does a great job of highlighting the writers and the topics they will be covering. It even offers a downloadable PDF bio of each writer. Also, within each blog, the post titles are provided.