Using Third-Party Sites to Help Promote Your Product

GWTG_brown wTMThose of you in milling and baking may be familiar with the Grain Foods Foundation  —a joint venture of members in the milling and baking industries. This foundation started a movement called Go with the grain, dedicated to increasing knowledge of grain-based foods and the dietary benefits. With this movement, the foundation has also created a website. From nutrition information to recommended servings, to health benefits and recipes, the site is packed full of information about grain and its benefits. It also features Endless Sandwich, where visitors can find an “endless variety” of sandwich options, to encourage continued use of sliced bread. What’s great about sites like this is, if you send your customers to this site, it can help you sell your grain-based products … at no additional cost to you for research or Web design. The customer reads the benefits on that site, then comes to your site to purchase. Whichever industry you’re in, there are many sites out there like this one that non-profits or other third parties have created that can help you promote the benefits of your product—free of charge.