Your total package for food ingredient marketing success

By specializing in B2B food ingredient marketing, we focus our skills and talents on the challenges of this ever-changing industry to best understand what works, where the industry is heading and how to get you to where you want to be.


The complete picture

Our comprehensive, four-phase program covers every aspect of your brand, goals and marketing needs. It not only generates qualified leads and sales opportunities, but also helps your sales team guide prospects through the buyer’s journey and beyond in an efficient way.



Timing: 3-4 months
The objective: get the people of your organization aligned on where you sit now in the collective minds of the marketplace, who your target is and where the opportunities are.

We review, and adjust if needed, any current brand positioning to ensure it still holds true to your company core values, while effectively differentiating you from the competition. We conduct a competitive analysis, awareness study (additional costs) or additional research to solidify your current position and/or benchmark against any previous studies or analysis.

Goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. We also align marketing’s expectations with sales’ expectations, ensuring both teams are on the same page.

This includes where they are in the current buyer journey and how they get the information they need to make their decisions. Aspects we cover include:

Customer Profiles — who your ideal customer is at the company level Buyer Personas — who your ideal customer is at the individual level, based on job function, behaviors, motivations and goals The

Buyer’s Journey — how your leads are guided to the close and where they currently are in your cycle

Segmentation — further dividing customers/leads by key factors to pinpoint the most relevant message and make interactions more valuable

This works to advance your most valuable prospects efficiently along the buyer’s journey. This involves developing an action plan for a sales and customer enablement program that aligns with brand positioning, established goals, buyer personas, buyer’s journey and customer segmentation.


Sales and Customer Enablement

Timing: 2 month setup, then ongoing

The objective: establish the process — both content and technology — that empowers your sales teams to close more efficiently and keep existing customers happy.

Developing the targeted communications and relevant content to attract, convert and close leads, and nurture relationships with your most valuable customers.

Determining and implementing the appropriate technology and social channels that help to deliver the right content at the right time to the right audience.


Lead Gen

The objective: outline any upcoming campaign development and event participation that reaches your targets and backs the strategies outlined in the roadmapping, while tracking and managing your interactions with leads.
  • Paid Media
  • CRM Support
  • Trade Shows
  • PR — Media Outreach, Media Training, Crisis Communications


Timing: Ongoing
The objective: ongoing analysis that helps determine effectiveness and where to pivot strategy. Data gathered from marketing activities is a tool to help evolve content and resources to ensure we’re meeting our SMART goals.
  • Are marketing efforts getting the number of leads that the sales team needs to be successful?
  • Are our leads being nurtured by the sales team quickly enough?
  • Are we moving leads through the buyers’ journey in a way that supports the sales team?
  • Are we continuing to grow the business we have with current customers
  • Email analytics — opens, click-thrus, A/B testing, etc.
  • Social monitoring/listening (additional costs)
  • Heatmapping (additional costs) — which parts of your website get the most engagement
  • Google analytics
  • Media metrics


B2B food ingredient marketing — it’s not just what we do, it’s ALL we do

Staying on top of all things food ingredient marketing extends beyond the work we do for clients. Our team members keep their savvy through involvement with key organizations and events (and eagerly taste-testing new products whenever we can). Look out for us the next time you’re at these shows!

We also leverage our long-standing relationships with media partners so that our clients are top of mind when publishers are looking for insights from industry leaders. These connections also help us to negotiate the best rates for paid media.


Fresh perspectives from our team

If you’re eager to learn about what’s making an impact on the world of food ingredient marketing, we’re always eager to share our thinking on our Insights page.

Our food ingredient marketing focus benefits us and our clients. Want to work together? Reach out now.

ABM in food ingredient companies is not a strategy of the future. It’s of the now and can mean increased revenue, focus and teamwork within your organization.

Explore this guide to see how ABM is the strategy to create a better experience for your buyers and can boost your ROI.