Our Team

Everyone on our team has two things in common: a hunger for great marketing and the skills to bring your story to life. 

Deb Murray

Deb oversees the agency's day-to-day activities and is responsible for its strategic direction and growth.
Fun Fact

At 17, Deb hit a deer with her car, put it in her backseat and took it home to make deer sausage. 

Krista Meisinger

Chief Financial Officer
In addition to her human resources and management duties, Krista oversees the administrative and financial operations of the firm.
Fun Fact

In 6th grade, Krista choreographed and produced a Charlie Brown Christmas play for her entire school.

Dan Swoboda

Dan Swoboda

Director of Creative Services
Dan leads the creative department in everything from concept and brand development, to print and digital design and production direction.
Fun Fact

Dan used to play acoustic guitar for his school’s elementary choir.

Chelsy Aquila

Print and Digital Art Director
Chelsy is a creative problem solver that understands how to wield the right mix of digital and print technologies to best communicate with your audience.
Fun Fact

Chelsy is crazy good at creating lifelike pumpkin carvings. Her proudest carvings include Alan Rickman and Chadwick Boseman. 

John McMillan

John McMillan

Senior Account Manager
John works with our clients to identify opportunities and find solutions to their challenges. He also leads the new business efforts of the agency.
Fun Fact

John was briefly captured in a shot from the reality show Tommy Lee Goes to College.

Tiffany Ellis - Project Coordinator

Tiffany Ellis

Project Coordinator
Tiffany works with our team to develop the timelines and logistics for all projects, and helps coordinate the flow of work through the agency.​
Fun Fact

Tiffany is a two-time local Scrabble tournament champion and devoted player.

Kendra Perley

Kendra Perley

Kendra is a B2B storyteller who specializes in capturing the voices of our clients’ brands and creating compelling content that’s aligned with their goals.​
Fun Fact

Kendra is a houseplant fanatic and has about 150 plants in her collection.

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Our Values

Here are our core values and what we think makes for a great partnership: 

Why do we do what we do? Because we love two things: great work and seeing our clients succeed.  

We know our success is in direct relation to the success of our clients. That’s why we strive to provide top-notch service, exceeding our clients’ needs day in and day out. It’s important for us to work with brands that mesh well with our company’s culture and values.   

  • Do the work the right way.

    We don’t believe in shortcuts.

  • Be honest.

    Honesty and transparency guide everything we do.

  • Fuel the passion.

    We love what we do and are driven as hell.

  • Rise to the occasion.

    We love a challenge, and we will always push each other to be better.

We're Hiring!


We’re looking for a Freelance Media Manager who can optimize exposure for our clients’ marketing efforts. If this sounds like you, check out the job posting and reach out to Krista Meisinger at humanresources@andersonpartners.com.