Before the Show: 5 Tips to Help You Get Ready

Wait! Don’t pack your bags just yet – are you sure you’ll get the most out of your next trade show? We’ve got five tips to help you with preshow planning to make sure your time, money and other resources are well spent.  

Getting Ready for the Trade Show

  1. Set attainable goals.
  2. Before you book your plane ticket, make sure you know exactly what you want to accomplish by attending the trade show. Are you trying to introduce a product to customers? Meet like-minded professionals? Knowing exactly what and how you will accomplish these tasks will ensure they happen. Whatever your goals are, make sure they’re measurable and realistic so you can be certain you’ll reach them.
  3. Make a plan. Once you know your purpose and goals, make a list of everything you need to do to reach them. If you’re operating a booth, planning ahead will ensure your booth is covered when you need to attend meetings or speeches. Get your staff members familiar with your brand, goals and talking points, by conducting mock customer interactions to help them become more comfortable talking to conference attendees.
  4. Schedule appointments. The flurry of trade show activity can be overwhelming, so be sure to make time in your calendar to meet with prospects and colleagues or attend events. Invite potential leads to meet you for coffee or lunch, or schedule some time after exhibition hours to connect over a drink. Setting aside time for appointments ensures you’ll get to everything (and everyone) that needs your attention.
  5. Make yourself heard. Don’t wait until the show starts to let people know you’ll be there. A good integrated marketing plan that encompasses print and digital advertising, email blasts and social media, can drive traffic to your website, all while engaging current customers by letting them know what you’ll be offering at the trade show. When posting on social media, use any trade show hashtags and the official trade show handles to increase your brand’s reach and make your posts easy to find for attendees.
  6. Get help from a pro. Feeling overwhelmed? Consider working with a marketing/advertising agency that can help you craft the clear messaging and memorable content you want. With a winning marketing strategy, you can differentiate your brand, stand out at the show and help you get the best return out of your trade show investment.

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