Example of a Successful B-to-B Video from Schwan’s Food Service

I recently came across a video on the homepage of nrn.com for Schwan’s Food Service. The video was the size of a square banner ad at 300 x 250 pixels. What’s unique about this video is its use of voice-over, food photography and animation to tell a compelling story. Often, when we talk to clients about videos, they are concerned about the time involved, scheduling conflicts, locating talent, editing process, etc. If these are concerns for you as well, consider an alternative to live footage, such as a video like Schwan’s, which could prove to be less expensive and less time consuming.

Schwan’s video, titled “Grow Your Business,” is a message to food service operators that identifies how Schwan’s can help its customers meet their profit-generating goals. The video does a great job of driving home this message, while continuously circling back to how this benefits the customer.

Schwan’s allows its customers to take a look inside of its core business practices. One of the key messages is how Schwan’s goes beyond food manufacturing to provide ideas, consumer insights and promotional items. All of this so you can make smart, more informed decisions about your business. If you look at food marketing today, almost every company can, and does, say this. So, even though Schwan’s message may be the same as some of its competitors, the tactic used to deliver that message is much more compelling.

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