Should food ingredient companies invest in social media?

You may be surprised to learn that there is an easy answer to this question. Is your audience engaged in these channels?

Do you have relevant information to provide to them? If you answered yes to both of these questions then it is worth your time.Burke

Social media is an inexpensive tactic to execute. The largest expense is the amount of time it takes you to monitor, respond and keep information current. Make sure that if you decide to embark on social media, you know why you are doing it. If the reason is because “everyone else is,” then you should reconsider the tactic.

One ingredient company that has recently embraced the channels is Burke Corporation. I have provided a link to their pages below.) After analyzing these channels for the most relevant content and audience engagement, the outlets that I believe will be the most successful for them are the blog and LinkedIn®.

Their blog provides targeted trends, recipes, operations and marketing ideas to pizza operators. Because the blog is hosted on Burke’s site, it will lend itself to more traction and its unique URL address can be used in promotions. LinkedIn is a professional networking site that is great for companies conducting B2B business. This will allow operators to quickly identify and connect with the right person within Burke and engage in meaningful discussions. Burke can also monitor discussion groups for prospects who are looking for a supplier.

Burke has done a good job of promoting and integrating their social media initiative into a cohesive platform. On their Web site you can find navigation for each of these channels. They’ve also created a social media guide that offers insights into how operators can connect to their own customers, and Burke, through social media.