superberriesUtilizing e-commerce sites is somewhat expected of companies now-a-day, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t incorporating more unique features throughout their sites to help increase sales. Superberries is a client of Anderson Partners that sells aroniaberry products—a fruit that contains multiple benefits for overall wellness. Superberries’ success is driven by repeat sales from customers who have seen positive results after using Superberries products. For, Anderson Partners decided to go beyond the standard e-commerce site and integrate interactive functionality that would not only engage new customers, but encourage all customers to become loyal to the Superberries brand.

One tool we incorporated on the Superberries site was customer testimonials. Who better to promote your product than your satisfied customers? But we didn’t just post a paragraph of copy; we made it more interactive by posting video testimonials. Each of the five videos represents a different demographic, but all detail the results they experienced and how the product has made a difference in their quality of life.

While testimonials do the job of encouraging new customers to begin using the product, we wanted to incorporate social media tools, such as Facebook and YouTube and a community forum, to create an environment where like-minded people can gather and share information. In addition to streaming real-life experiences, this social media integration encourages customers to visit the site on a regular basis, thereby, creating customer loyalty.

With the help of customer testimonials and social media integration, has raised the bar in e-commerce, evolving into an online communication gateway for both new and existing customers.