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Plant-Based Food Trends

Take a stroll along the refrigerated dairy aisle and you’re bound to notice the nondairy and plant-based milk alternatives claiming more and more shelf space that was once devoted to their dairy counterpart.   This scenario isn’t unique to dairy products. Plant-based foods have been hitting the shelves at a rapid pace over the past several […]

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online sampling program

Think Everything Through When it Comes to Your Online Sampling Program

Food ingredient companies are embracing the benefits of automated, online sampling request tools with features aimed at a new generation of buyers who value expediency and expect a quality user experience (UX). McKinsey reports that 71% of B2B buyers prefer remote or digital self-serve interactions when evaluating suppliers. They want to research and sample products in

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Smarter Website Design

Making Your Website Work for You Beyond SEO Search engine optimization (SEO) is the holy grail for many companies. But it shouldn’t be the only website design metric you pay attention to. Good SEO can only help potential customers find your site. It can’t make them buy from you.   Google Analytics Google Analytics offers incredible data about your website, but it’s only useful if you do something with it. We recommend creating specific, measurable

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Ardent Mills Product Branding

Ardent Mills Product Branding SERVICES: Logo Design, Collateral Design Ardent Mills is North America’s leading flour supplier and grain innovator. With a robust portfolio of premium multi-use flours, whole grains, mixes and custom multi-grain blends, we’ve helped develop the branding for several of the company’s most popular products.

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Thick-It Logo Branding and Package Design

Thick-It Logo Branding and Package Design SERVICES: Logo Design, Package Design, Photography Direction, Collateral Design Thick-It, one of the nation’s leading brands in nutrition solutions for those with dysphagia (swallowing difficulties), offers a full line of innovative products to assist families and caregivers. We redesigned the Thick-It logo and entire packaging system, and developed educational

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