3 Ways to Boost Your Email Marketing Efforts in 2022

With the new year right around the corner, we gathered three ways you can level up your 2022 email marketing.

Build your list of subscribers

The digital world is incredibly accessible. But it’s important to remember that while your access to platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook may provide you with the opportunity to connect with current and future clients, if those platforms shut down tomorrow, how would you reach those valuable connections?

Thinking through this “what-if” scenario can make you realize the value of having direct access to potential customers. Building your list of email subscribers and providing them with valuable content straight to their inbox is a powerful strategy that will remain essential to building up your database.

Here are a few tips to help you grow your email list:

  • Create a lead gen offer. You can offer new subscribers a free whitepaper or e-book to download by inputting their email address. Choose something valuable to offer your subscribers and create a strong call to action to encourage them to subscribe to your emails. Just try not to gate too much content as this could turn off some prospects.
  • Add an opt-in link to your employee’s email signatures. This is easy to do and can be especially valuable for people in sales roles.
  • Encourage your subscribers to forward and share your emails to people they think would find value in them. Include an opt-in link or button in your emails that allows people who receive a forwarded email to subscribe.

Use data for personalized email content

Personalization doesn’t mean you need to create a unique piece of content for each potential customer. However, you do need to target your audience with specific content that speaks to their pain points. This requires a more strategic approach than simply emailing content on a regular basis. As buyers move along their journey, you want each touch point to be personalized toward their needs.

Data plays a big role in personalized marketing, and we project that companies will continue to see value in collecting customer data in 2022. Gathering customer data through emails and surveys can help marketers gain more insight about their target audience and understand if their personalized efforts are working.

Continuously evolving the buyer persona can help marketers target the right people and deliver personalized marketing campaigns.

Here are a couple ways to personalize your 2022 email marketing:

  • Email segmentation. For email campaigns, segmenting your audience can allow you to target your subscribers with specific messages that are relevant to them. This tailored content can have a better effect on your call to action.
  • Suggested products. Based on what a customer may have purchased in the past or what content they’ve been viewing on your website, content about related products could be targeted and delivered to that person.

Use email marketing to tell stories

You can educate your audience on your products and services all you want, but what people really want to see is a specific example of how you helped solve a problem.

Use emails to highlight how specifically you were able to remedy a client’s challenges. Make the story clear and compelling to allow the reader to take away the main points. Utilize data when appropriate but present it in a way that resonates with your audience and adds credibility to your solution.

Here is an example of how you can tell a compelling story:

  • Tell your sustainability story. Consumers care about how their choices impact the planet and where their food comes from. If your company has a sustainability and traceability program, share the steps you are taking.
  • Align your solution with trends in your industry. For example, supply chain issues will continue to be a factor in the global market. If you’re a food ingredient brand, maybe you have an example of how you solved a manufacturer’s supply issue with your solution. Highlight how you solved a client’s problem in a way that will resonate with your audience.

As experts in the food ingredient marketing industry, keeping an eye on top trends is what we do. We recognize the changing landscape of the food industry and are constantly evolving our marketing techniques to meet food ingredient brands’ unique challenges. If you’d like to discuss how we can create smart and successful marketing campaigns for your food ingredient brand, contact us today.