formulating impactful content

How to Formulate Impactful Content

Taking a food product from concept to final application is a multistep process that starts with the right ingredients and the perfect formulation. This may be a good analogy to remember when creating content for your food ingredient marketing.

Think of creating content for your potential customers as putting together the formulation to achieve the final application. In this case, the final product is having prospects take the next step with your business.

So, what’s the formulation for creating successful food ingredient marketing content? Let’s walk through the steps below.

Start with your purpose as a base

All content should have a purpose. Begin every piece of content with the value it will provide to your customer, the reader. Be knowledgeable about their specific pain points and goals, and highlight how your solution can remedy their issues.

For example, perhaps a food manufacturer is moving toward more clean-label foods and wants ethically sourced ingredients for their new concept. Highlight how your ingredient can be traced and how it is grown or produced. The purpose of your content is to showcase your ingredient as the quality product your prospect needs.

Sprinkle in your expert knowledge

Every person wants to make a purchase from a credible source. Showcase your industry and product knowledge in a way that assures your potential customers that you’re a thought leader. Clearly communicate your expertise in the ingredients you supply and any trends or impacts you are seeing within the food industry.

Mix in some food ingredient marketing data

Back up your knowledge with data whenever possible. Original data and other data collected through research gives your credibility a boost and can further support the story you are trying to tell. Utilize data from and about your target audience to give them something tangible to reference. After all, data-driven marketing has been shown to increase ROI 5-8x their campaign spend.

Inspire prospects to take action

With B2B content marketing, what you are trying to do is pull your prospects to you. Buyers want to be informed and reach a buying decision on their own. So, how can you make your potential customers take that next step with your brand? Inspire them to do it.

Hopefully, within your content, you’ve shown why your solution is a great fit for your reader’s needs. You want to wrap up your marketing piece by influencing your prospect to move further along the buyer’s journey. Maybe it’s requesting a sample or downloading a white paper to learn more about your offering, or maybe it’s contacting a sales representative. Lead your reader to take action after reading your content.

Follow those steps and voila! You’ve created successful and impactful content for your audience. If you’d like to work with a team of food ingredient marketing experts to help you formulate impactful content, let’s chat!