NetwaitorIf you thought your company was utilizing Facebook as much as it could, you may have been wrong. In a recent article, it was reported that NetWaiter—a company that provides restaurant owners with customizable online ordering systems—has incorporated restaurant ordering into the popular social media site. Here’s how it works. When customers order from you, at the time of purchase, they can click on a Facebook icon on your site. By clicking this icon, it instantly posts on the customer’s Facebook page that he or she just purchased something from your business. This post then creates a link back to your company’s website, so this person’s friends can check out your site. On top of that, by a customer clicking this icon, your company establishes a permanent presence on that customer’s Facebook page, allowing him or her quick and easy access back to your business when ready to order again. Might sound a little complicated, but, as this catches on, you’ll be seeing it used a lot more, and not just by restaurants.