Nu-Tek Executives See Different Attitudes on Sodium Reduction

In a recent Food Business News article, Donald Mower, president and chief operating officer of Nu-Tek Salt, and Thomas Manuel, Nu-Tek founder and chief executive officer, discussed the status of the sodium reduction market.


According to Mower, not all segments of the processed foods industry are addressing public concerns about sodium in food with the same level of seriousness. He views makers of processed meat and poultry as early adapters of sodium reduction and sees the management of those companies recognizing it as something they need to address. Mower also states that other important food categories are lagging in their efforts, but feels they’ll make progress.

Mower addresses the cheese and dairy category as being number two behind processed meat and poultry in their efforts to reduce sodium, and he views bakery being the furthest behind. But, with the announcement from the Centers for Disease Control showing bakery as the number one source of sodium in the diet, Mower believes there will be more recognition that the bakery industry needs to move on sodium reduction.